„Success Factor Emotional Intelligence"

Seminar "Success Factor Emotional intelligence"

This practical seminar introduces the concept of Emotional Intelligence and presents a series of activities that allow the participants to train their emotional and social competencies.

This training is focused on recognizing, understanding, and managing emotions. Even though sometimes it seems impossible to influence one's own and other people’s emotions, managing emotions is not magic. Everyone can learn to do so, but it takes training. In this workshop you will get some theoretical background and try out different techniques that are useful for managing emotions.


  • Be introduced to the concept of Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn to use a two-dimensional map of emotions to foster emotional self-awareness
  • Recognize the link between psychological needs and emotions
  • Learn five steps to master your triggers 
  • Practice a technique for managing your undesirable emotional state


  • Duration: 2 days
  • Number of participants: max. 8 persons

Price: on demand