What is Coaching? Coaching is a training or development process via which you are supported in achieving a specific personal or professional competence, result or goal. You can use coaching for different purposes: exploring and developing your individual potential, building a personal foundation, conflict or problem resolution, just to mention a few. 

Coaching and training Emotional Intelligence
“All In One”

EQ Power offers clients coaching in the classical sense as well as coaching and training of Emotional Intelligence “All In One”. We use the synergy between Emotional Intelligence and coaching to your benefit.

A coaching conversation is like a deep dive into the client’s world of beliefs, expectations, values, needs and desires.

By exploring and changing them in a constructive way, clients can adjust their emotional reactions. Intelligent thoughts create intelligent emotion. This type of training is perfectly tailored to the client's situation, making it very effective.

There is another advantage to using coaching to develop Emotional Intelligence. Training Emotional Intelligence is a process. The more you invest, the better results you get. Coaching provides the relationship frame for the process to take place. For example, the more time a person spends training assertiveness in a series of coaching sessions, the more sustainably this person changes his or her communication style.

Price and what it includes

  • The coaching is offered on hourly basis. One Session lasts 60 - 75 minutes.

    • 1 Sitzung – 160 CHF
    • 5 Sitzungen  – 750 CHF
    • 10 Sitzungen – 1400 CHF

  • Der Kunde bestimmt die Frequenz der Sitzungen.