EQ-i Transfer – Becoming a Master

Congratulations on choosing to add the EQ-i and EQ 360 assessments of Emotional Intelligence to your toolbox. You can now use these powerful tools for your clients and accompany them in a discovery journey to the world of Emotional Intelligence.

If you’re newly certified as an EQ-i professional or haven’t used the EQ-i assessment for a long time, you might be glad to have an experienced EQ-i practitioner in the background to guide you. This is why we’ve created the EQ-i Transfer service. The EQ-i Transfer is a one-on-one support designed to smooth your learning curve and make your experience as a certified professional as pleasant and effective as possible. You can use the EQ-i Transfer to become comfortable and confident with the EQ-i suite of assessment by, for example:

  • Asking any questions you may have about an interpretation of your client’s results
  • Preparing and rehearsing an EQ-i debrief

We care about your success

Price and what it includes

The EQ-Transfer is a pool of hours that you have at your disposal to connect and exchange on any topic of concern to you with the EQ Power specialists. You can pay for a single hour or a package of 3, 5 or 10 hours. There is no expiration date on the packages – you use the hours as you need them.

The EQ-i Transfer hours are delivered via Skype or any other virtual platform. Should you require another arrangement we are open to discussion.


  • EQ-i Transfer, 1 hour – 120 CHF
  • EQ-i Transfer, 3-hour package – 330 CHF
  • EQ-i Transfer, 5-hour package – 500 CHF
The EQ-i Transfer will help you become a master in using the EQ-i and maximize the value you can bring your clients.