Training approach

There are different approaches to training Emotional Intelligence (EI). The best results are achieved when a combination of different methods is used: assessment, workshop and one-on-one coaching. There are different benefits to each method:

  • an assessment provides a profile of the individual’s Emotional Intelligence, which encompasses the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, shows how different competencies interconnect with each other and provides a base to develop an action plan
  • a workshop lets participants gain and share new insights through interaction with others
  • one-on-one coaching guides the individual through the process of a behavioral change.


The training of Emotional Intelligence can target different objectives:

  • mainly EI competencies such as self-awareness, empathy, emotional regulation, or emotional expression. These competencies allow the individual to handle emotions and interpersonal interactions successfully.
  • EI competencies along with other skills such as leadership, influence, assertiveness, or building interpersonal relationships.

Target audience

The ability to deal with emotions is valuable for everyone, whether they lead a big corporation or a small team, whether they are university students or professors.  The most important prerequisite is that the person is open to and eager about this inner process. Compulsory training never works as effectively as the training of a person who is driven from within.

  • Emotional Intelligence as a Success Factor

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence and Building Interpersonal Relationships

  • Emotional Intelligence and Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness


We can also develop a training program to suit your needs and objectives.

“In my role as member of the organisation committee, I had the pleasure of working with Marina prior to, as well as during, the Congrès de Management de Projet (2013), an annual event specializing in all aspects of project management and during which she taught one of the workshops. Marina’s module “Be emotionally smart” introduced participants to the critical need for understanding emotional intelligence and provided them with the tool for identifying the EQ (emotional quotient). Marina is very professional and diligent not only in transmitting her knowledge, but also in engaging her audience. She is passionate about her work, especially this topic, and is very open-­‐minded in her approach. It is a real joy to collaborate with Marina and I look forward to working with her 2014!

Isabelle Mccoy, Switzerland

“Marina Riedi held a workshop “Emotional Intelligence” for IBM Switzerland in May 2012. The audience consisted of managers and professionals. She proved to be a very inspiring and competent instructor. In particular, her in-depth knowledge of the subject, her proficiency in English and presentation skills were excellent. The workshop was well structured and I was most impressed by the high level of interactivity that took place during the course. The overall feedback by the other participants was also very positive.”

Jutta Schilling, Manager Skill Centre & Lead Talent Management