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Marina Riedi

Marina Riedi is a founder of EQ Power. She is a distributor and a training partner of MHS Inc. for EQ-i and EQ 360 assessments. Marina conducts assessments and training on Emotional Intelligence for corporate and private clients. One of her favorite approaches to train Emotional Intelligence is though coaching. Marina Riedi is a certified ACC coach of the ICF International Coach Federation and currently is leading the ICF  Chapter in Zurich.

Language:  English, German, Russian

Website: eqpower.ch

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/marinariedi/

Christine Meyer

Christine Meyer ist seit 2011 selbstständige Kommunikations-, Verhaltenstrainerin und Coach für New Leadership, Agilität, Arbeit 4.0 und New Work-/Feelgoodmanagement. Sie ist seit 20 Jahren Profi im Bereich des strategischen Marketings und ist im Fachvorstand der eidg. Prüfung für Marketingfachleute. Christine Meyer ist seit 2011 selbständig in der Unternehmensberatung für Gross- und Kleinfirmen tätig. Sie hat Führungserfahrung und ist  Trainerin, Coach und Dozentin aus Leidenschaft. Die Themen Innovation, Führung, Kommunikation Coaching, Change-Prozesse, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung von Menschen, Organisationsentwicklung in Unternehmen und Psychologie in der Arbeit 4.0 komplettieren ihren Lebenslauf mit den entsprechenden CAS und Abschlüssen. Motivation, Selbstverantwortung und Selbstverwirklichung sind ihr sehr wichtig. Emotionale Intelligenz ist ihre Passion. Sie will das Leben von Menschen mit emotionaler Kompetenz einfacher machen.

Sprache: Deutsch

Website: www.christinemeyer.ch

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-meyer-4085b0108/

Tessa Brugger

Tessa est psychologue et dirigeante de l’entreprise Sélection & Conseils basée à Nyon en Suisse romande. Avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la sélection et dans le développement d’outils d’évaluation, elle se passionne pour la capacité d’évolution de l’être humain en lien avec la plasticité neuronale. Formée également en épigénétique et en hypnose OMNI, elle amène ses clients privés à des évolutions personnelles significatives. Sa clientèle professionnelle englobe des institutions étatiques, des entreprises diverses et des professionnels à tout niveau. Au sein des écoles et des entreprises elle accompagne ses clients dans l’optimisation du fonctionnement interne. Elle analyse le potentiel des individus, les besoins individuels et collectifs pour les mettre en adéquation avec les objectifs des entreprises. Elle intervient également dans des évaluations de profils des jeunes adultes qui débutent leur chemin professionnel afin de les aiguiller et valoriser leur ressources personnelles et professionnelles. 

Langues : Français, Allemand, Anglais

Website: https://selectionetconseils.ch

LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/in/tessa-brugger-bb1939157/

Michele Telio

Bringing over 15 years experience in Learning and Talent Development, Facilitation and Coaching within multinational environments, with start ups and in academia, Michele is passionate about growing and developing people across all levels of an organisation and beyond  with a deep desire to bring out the best potential in everyone.  Michele brings her energy, enthusiasm, and openness to all her interactions with clients.  Michele holds a masters degree in Education from Canada. Michele is specialized in mental fitness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence which she brings to organisations to develop leaders resulting in greater focus and self-awareness, better decision quality, enhanced interpersonal relationships and heightened empathy and compassion in how they lead.

Language: English and French

Website: www.sharpmania.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/micheletelio

Simone Reeves

Simone is an executive coach and facilitator working with executives, senior management and leadership teams in both the private and the not-for-profit sectors to build personal and team leadership capacities. She works with individuals, teams and organisations in transition – M&A, cultural change, rapid growth and re-organisation. Simone is passionate about unlocking conversations that generate insight and impact, and enabling organisations and communities to achieve healthier states, with greater inclusivity and participation. She is an experienced and accredited professional coach, mentors and facilitates group learning processes and is a faculty member of member of the Co-Active Training Institute and Team Coaching International. Simone has over 20 years’ experience in international HR Leadership roles, spanning multiple contexts and structure.

Language: English

Website: www.simonereeves.com

LinkedIn:  www.simonereeves.com

Shabih Zaidi

Shabih Zaidi is  an anthropologist, executive leadership coach, facilitator and trainer. She has garnered extensive experience in a diverse career across several geographies, choosing opportunities that highlight her adaptability, creativity and curiosity. As a Coach, Shabih Zaidi brings a supportive yet challenging approach to change initiatives at both an organizational and individual level. With a wealth of inter-cultural knowledge and mobility expertise, she helps her clients focus on mindsets, relationship dynamics, emotional intelligence and agile leadership skills.

Language: English

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/shabihzaidi

Carl Emerson

Carl Emerson set up his company InsideOut Solutions in Basel, Switzerland. A coach accredited in several practical methodologies, he is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and leaders to help take that next step to release the solutions for success in their personal and professional lives. With over 30 years experience in the corporate world he is a skilled facilitator, trainer and executive coach with a focus on mentoring the younger female population to help them be successful. Originally a chemist, he has an MBA and has conducted training courses all over the world

Language: English

Website: www. insideoutsolutions.ch

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/insideoutsolutionsswiss/

Harald Seidler

Harald Seidler is the founder of Flow Promotion, a company dedicated to  support  individuals, teams and companies to excel in today’s dynamic markets while staying healthy. He has more than 25 years experience in marketing and training with companies in the medical device and pharma industry. During the last 8 years he trained close to 500 executives on emotional intelligence, emotive selling, and communication  skills.

Language: German, English

Website: www.flow-promotion.de

LinkedIn linkedin.com/in/harald-seidler-36820315b/

Thomas Kostrzewa

Thomas Kostrzewa ist Project Management Professional (PMP) und hält einen MSc. E-business & Innovation. Sein Expertenwissen und seinen Erfahrungsschatz erarbeitete sich Tom in seiner Tätigkeit als Projektleiter in London und Zürich. Er ist Change Management Practitioner Prosci© und Inhaber Lambdamodel.ch. Seit 2007 lebt Thomas Kostrzewa in Wollerau (SZ) und ist seit 01.02.2016 Geschäftsführer der Tiba Schweiz GmbH.

Language: German, English

Website: www.thomaskostrzewa.ch

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kostrzewa_coach

Lisa Christen

Lisa Christen is a certified leadership coach, trainer, consultant, and thought leader in Leadership Agility and Peak Performance at her firm Christen Coaching and Consulting. Her passion is to support people and companies in realizing their full potential and achieving their greatness. Lisa works with leaders and executives who are ready to look inward to achieve the next level of success. Lisa has over a dozen years of work experience across Fortune 100 companies and the US Government. She holds an MBA and a PMP® Project Management Professional certification.

Language:  English, (some) German

Website: christenconsulting.ch

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/lisachristen/

Sara Bumbacher

Sara Bumbacher hat an der Höheren Fachschule in Bern ein Betriebswirtschaftsstudium abgeschlossen. Sie war mehrere Jahre in leitender Position im Bildungssektor beschäftigt, als Trainerin und Ausbildungsleiterin bei Swisscanto und als Trainerin und Coach beim CYP (Schweizerische Bankiervereinigung). Berufsbegleitend hat sie den eidg. FA Ausbilder abgeschlossen sowie den Master und Trainer in NLP. 

Language: German

Website: www.primepool.ch

Elena Och

Elena Och is an executive coach, trainer and facilitator. She has more than 20 years experience working with senior executives in Insurance, Reinsurance and Pharmaceutical industries globally. She is a dynamic consultant, having held a number of senior positions in Leadership Development, Training and Project Management. Credentials: MSc degree in Organisational Behaviour from London University; MA degree in Philology and Education from Moscow University; Certified Team Management Systems Practitioner (TMS).

Language: English, German, Russian

Website: www.newturn.ch

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/elena-och-79124662/

Alexander Khatuntsev

Alexander is a skillful professional in human development. In addition to his 12 years of corporate experience in Human Resources in global corporations he established his own independent business practice in coaching and consulting. Alexander has a Master Degree in Human Resources Management with a focus on Psychology and a Bachelor Degree in Finance. He’s a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation) and a certified NLP practitioner.

Language: English

Website: retitleyourlife.com/

Irene Leiser

Irene Leiser, has created her company in 2005, Master coach in leadership and communication (Geneva, ICF accredited) with a Master in industrial psychology (University of Neuchâtel) has an extensive experience in executive coaching in multinational environment. Mostly active in leadership development and team dynamic related projects, she is an expert in talent assessment, career management and coaching.

Language: French, English

Website: www.ilcoaching.ch/en/