Become an Emotional Intelligence Expert in Your Profession (Zurzeit nur auf Englisch)

Professional Certification Training offered through ISEI (International Society for Emotional Intelligence)

The certification training teaches theoretical concepts of Emotional Intelligence together with empirically proven strategies for handling emotions effectively. It includes experiential lab training in emotional awareness and provides opportunities to practice different EI strategies in real-life situations. As a result participants will be able to develop their own Emotional Intelligence and practice using EI-interventions in their work.

The training is designed for those with basic or advanced knowledge in Emotional Intelligence who are keen to know the science behind this concept and also to enlarge their toolbox. This training is particularly valuable for professionals in the fields of:

  • Education
  • Counseling, therapy and clinical psychology
  • Organizational consultation and coaching
  • Management and leadership

However, the theoretical and practical knowledge gained through the certification training can be valuable for people in all fields and positions who are eager to understand and harness the power of emotions.

Level I – Introductory certificate: Emotional Intelligence Foundations (6 Hours)

A. History, development and current issues of EI

This class reviews the history and evolution of the concepts and presents the major models (abilities, traits & competencies). Current challenges with conceptualization and measurement are discussed.

B. Developing EI abilities

This experiential lab class explores all four areas of the Mayer-Salovey ability model. Participants engage in experiential activities aimed at teaching and developing emotional perception, emotional facilitation of thinking, emotional knowledge, and regulation of emotions.

Level II – Advanced certificate: Emotional Intelligence Interventions (15 hours)

C. Lab in emotional awareness training 1

This experiential lab class will involve interactive and interpersonal activities aimed at developing each participant’s EI. Participants will examine their personal reactions and emotional states in order to understand how emotions function. Our use of emotional information in professional settings will be explored. Each participant will develop strategies to effectively gauge and use his or her emotions in professional interventions.

D. EI assessment methods 

Participants will become familiar with the major EI assessment methods and learn to incorporate an emotional lens in their assessment and evaluation procedures when working with individuals, groups and systems. As part of the advanced certification program participants conduct the MSCEIT™ – Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test, which tests the respondent’s ability to perceive, use, understand and regulate emotions.

E. EI strategies (general & discipline-specific)

This class covers general principles and strategies for using EI-based interventions in professional settings. In small groups, participants will learn and develop specific strategies applicable to their own type of setting (educational, clinical, organizational). Case studies will be used, and participants will analyze scenarios and apply assessments and strategies learned in previous classes.

F.  Lab in emotional awareness training 2

This class will continue the interpersonal and group development through activities focused on the experience of emotional processes.

G. Developing and implementing an EI intervention plan

Participants will work individually and in small groups to each develop a specific intervention plan for their discipline. Plans will be aimed at facilitating positive changes using EI principles and will incorporate empirically grounded methods.


Level 1: 28 October 2020, one full day

Level 2: 29 – 30 October 2020, two full days

Level 2 Assessment: defined individually





Level 1: CHF 400.-

Level 2:  CHF 800.-

Level 2 Assessment including MSCEIT report and debrief, 60 minutes: : CHF 200.-





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