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  • Wie viel wissen wir über unsere Emotionen?

    Emotionen sind unsere ständigen Begleiter. Sie beeinflussen unsere Entscheidungen und unser Verhalten; ob wir es wollen oder nicht. Die Fähigkeit, unsere Emotionen wahrzunehmen und zu verstehen sowie zu erkennen, wie unsere Emotionen uns und andere beeinflussen, heisst Emotionales Selbstbewusstsein. Das Emotionale Selbstbewusstsein gehört zu den fundamentalen Kompetenzen der Emotionalen Intelligenz.  Das Radar, die Zwiebel, der […]

  • Impulse control: Are you an “act now, think later” person?

    Impulse control involves understanding the appropriate times and ways to act on emotions and impulses, and the importance of thinking before you act. Impulse Control is the ability to resist or delay an impulse, drive or temptation to act and includes avoiding rash behaviors and decisions. People with high Impulse Control:      – are […]

  • Reality Testing – are you sugarcoating reality or fearing the worst?

    Reality Testing is the capacity to remain objective by seeing things as they really are, rather than as we wish or fear them to be. It involves noticing when our perception of a situation is overly negative or overly positive. Some people tend to wear rose-colored glasses.  The glasses may make the world look nice, […]

  • Social Responsibility – Being a Social Samaritan

    To be a Social Samaritan means to demonstrate your social conscience and be compelled to help society and social groups. This competency is called “Social Responsibility”. Social Responsibility is that moral compass directing your behavior toward promoting the greater good of others. A good example of Social Responsibility is to do fund raising projects for charities […]

  • Empathy – are you able to step into another person’s shoes?

    Empathy is best described as the ability to step into another person’s shoes and to recognize, understand, and appreciate how other people feel. It involves being able to articulate your understanding of another’s perspective and behaving in a way that respects others’ feelings. The most important demonstration of empathy comes when the consideration of the other […]